About Us

Business Effectiveness Through Technology Innovation

Our Passion at Orbsi Services is Business Effectiveness through Technology innovation. Many times you may be presented with an optimal business solution that is not technically feasible. Or you may be presented with a solution that is technically superior, however the solution does not address the fundamental business need. Our depth of business and technology background is a unique combination in the industry. We successfully use our business experience to guide technology solutions.

Our Approach To Technical Solutions

  • Create a technology strategy
  • Use the strategy to guide a technical business solution.
  • Implement the solution
  • Periodically evaluate the solution in light of the technical strategy
  • Periodically evaluate the technical strategy in light of the business strategy
  • Periodically update the solution and strategy as needed


Orbsi Services envisions small business teams possessing the skills with online software services to:

  1. Acquire new and retain existing clients/customers
  2. Reduce expenses through process automation and operational excellence


Develop lasting relationships with clients that want to improve their bottom line through the use of tightly integrated high quality online software services so they may:

  1. Be found by those searching for their services online, via search, social media, and targeted advertising.
  2. Create a pleasant experience for clients, customers, business partners and team members to be served by the business.
  3. Achieve operational excellence by automating business processes, freeing up time and resources to develop client relationships.